Deborah O'Brien

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Self Image Consulting

Meet Deborah

My journey has brought me to your journey.

Memorial Day, 1991

This is the day I almost drank myself to death.

It was inevitable... anyone could see it coming.

The guilt, the shame, never feeling good enough, always feeling unworthy. I had zero self esteem. Consumed by negativity and self hatred, I wore a mask pretending to be anyone, but me. I couldn't stand to be me; I couldn't stand to be in my own skin, I couldn't stand the pain. I had to escape. While I was dying, I had a spiritual awakening. Suddenly, I was engulfed in God's pure light. It was radiating through every inch of my being. God filled the empty hole inside of me with his unconditional love. My life was transformed. Everything I had been looking for in all the wrong places was right there inside of me. I found bliss. 

After my near-death experience, my life was transformed. I began my day writing in a gratitude journal, reading the Bible, and going to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. When I was strong enough, I joined a gym and became involved in my church. Years went by before I was introduced to yoga and that gentle movement allowed me to find a way to let go of struggles and face life's challenges with greater ease. It wasn't until I discovered meditation, however, that my soul found what it was looking for. Time spent in God's presence was so rewarding and the more I did it, the better my life became. Something truly amazing happens when you connect to the divine, an awesome transformation no beauty treatment in this world can mimic.

I feel called to use my experiences to teach others. This is how Bliss Full workshops came to be.

Watch the video below as Deborah shares her story.

What is Bliss?

Bliss is a state of being in God's presence; it is a spiritual high, a thrilling feeling of being connected to Him. It is a state of knowing that even with all our faults, flaws, failures and sins, He still loves us.

If He loves you with all your flaws, why can't you love you?

My mission is to gently guide you to take off the mask. My passion is to teach you how to love and accept yourself while you learn how to dress to express your true self. This is how you can become the authentic woman that you were created to be.

Feel the freedom to be you.

When you find bliss, you awaken to who you truly are; you remember the love with which you came into the world; you reconnect to your true self. You are free to feel that love, to fill up with that love, and to let go of fear.

How do you find bliss? By going within. Through my workshops and events, I teach 8 simple yet profound steps to go deep within yourself and unlock the door to bliss.

During my Bliss Full workshops, you will learn how to dress to express your true self. You will walk out of the workshop with a new confidence and boosted self esteem, your true style radiating for the world to see.

Don't you think that it is time for your true self to shine?