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Deborah O'Brien, Inspirational Speaker

Twenty six years ago during a near-death encounter, Deborah O'Brien experienced a spiritual awakening. The very same eight-stage process that healed her life that day, she now teaches as tools to liberate women from destructive patterns and limiting beliefs. Her passion is to transform her clients by removing their "mask" and gently guiding them to find their bliss deep within themselves. She believes that spiritual awakening is accessible to everyone.

Deborah shares her raw and candid memoir in her book, Bliss - Behind the Mask. In it, she describes her life growing up and the steady progression of alcoholism that led her on a path of self-destruction. She reveals the lessons she learned about life while she was dying of an acute overdose of pills and alcohol. Bliss is an inspiring, uplifting story about the strength of the human spirit and the power of redemption. After writing her memoir, Deborah discovered that so many women could relate to her pain. She wasn't alone in feeling like she had to wear a "mask" in fear that if anyone really knew her, they wouldn't like her. In fact, we all wear masks.

Today, Deborah is an expert in self discovery. After years of being an expert in self destruction and self deception, she now shares her message of hope in her speaking engagements and workshops. Her mission is to show women how to take off the mask so that they can end the pain of addictions to food, booze, pills, sex, drugs, shopping...whatever it is that we turn to instead of going within to the "Bliss" that is deep inside.

"When the mask comes off, you find your true self, the real you, the YOU you were born to be," says Deborah. "I teach women how to dress to express their own unique style with confidence. Will you love the You you hide? That is my tag line."

Being a professional model for many years, Deborah learned a lot about personal style, and she shares all that she has learned over the years. Today she is an inspirational speaker, a meditation teacher, a spiritual life coach, and a self-image consultant. She conducts workshops, and as a professional speaker she teaches women how to dress to express their blissful self and be true to themselves. "It is beautiful to watch a woman embrace her true self with style and grace," says Deborah. "The benefits of taking off the mask are amazing! When a woman loves herself, others love her too, and when a woman respects herself, she gets respect, and when she believes in herself, people believe in her and her career skyrockets."

As a professional speaker, Deborah's audiences are typically professional women who do well in their professional life but their personal life is falling apart...too much booze, too much food, too much spending money, too much sex. Nothing can fill them up.

The benefit of what Deborah teaches is that you can feel "full" when you find the bliss inside of you:

  • How to take off the mask
  • How to stop pretending
  • How to be free to be who you really are

Here's what others have said about Deborah's presentations:

"Deborah O'Brien is such a dynamic, engaging speaker and we felt very lucky to have her present at the Plymouth Area Chamber of Commerce Women Mean Business Luncheon. Her keynote presentation, "Dress to Express Your True Self," truly resonated with our target audience of Chamber members, many of whom are looking for expert advice on building their own self confidence and awareness. Deb took the time to really understand what the Chamber was looking for and her preparation ensured that the session was not only inspirational, but also enjoyable to all. In her very lively, energizing session, Deb gave the audience clear tips, and most importantly, actionable suggestions on how to dress to express one's true self. Her fun and interactive presentation gave the audience the chance to participate and engage with one another as each guest learned what type of clothing looks best on them and that is true to their unique energy, so they can reflect the best version of themselves with confidence, style, and grace. Deb has amazing energy, a great sense of humor, and has a very relevant and inspirational message to share. Her presentation made a lasting impression on our members, and they absolutely loved it. The Chamber cannot wait to book Deborah again for another presentation!

- Meaghan Doherty, Plymouth Area Chamber of Commerce

"Deborah O'Brien is a charismatic and joyful presenter with a truly inspiring story to tell. I enjoyed her talk on the power of something as simple as color when it comes to presenting ourselves authentically to the world. This speaker's generosity of spirit is what sets her a bit apart, I think. You get the sense that everything Deborah O'Brien does is about being of service, and helping women overcome their fears and insecurities so they can fulfill their destinies. Authenticity is what she conveys, and what I love about this speaker is her relaxed delivery and her ability to allow flow rather than forcing it."

- Emily Clark

"Deb has been a delightful addition as a guest speaker this year at several "Live Healthy Longer" events I have hosted. She has a natural, relaxed and caring way that you immediately feel when she speaks. Deb. is a wonderful speaker. She is fun and has a passion for teaching how to love yourself first. Her humor and charm are captivating and everyone loves hearing about her 'energy' health tips. They are excited to start applying them in their lives. I highly recommend her as a speaker-teacher and look forward to working with her again soon."

- Bonnie Templeman, Owner, Embrace One Change

"If you want to be truly touched, if you want your heart to feel true bliss, then you need to run to Deborah O'Brien. I recently attended Deb's "Day of Bliss" at Mirbeau Inn & Spa, and from the moment I walked in, I felt loved. I was met with her warm hug, her smile, and her always-joyful personality. Deb has a way of making you feel like you're the only one in the room; she knows your needs, pays attention, and wants you to feel the love you deserve. Her calming voice brought another level of relaxation - the present never looked better. You'll leave wanting to take Deb with you, everywhere, and with a truer sense of self. Anywhere Deb goes, I go!"

- Cara Cipullo

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