Deborah O'Brien

Speaker, Author, Teacher

Self Image Consulting

In this raw, candid memoir, Deborah O’Brien describes her life growing up and the steady progression of alcoholism that led her on a path of self-destruction. After twenty-four years of silence, O’Brien reveals the lessons she learned about life while she was dying of an acute overdose of pills and alcohol.

Bliss is an inspiring, uplifting story about the strength of the human spirit and the power of redemption. O’Brien shares her message of hope. She believes that spiritual awakening is accessible to everyone. 

  • Learn a simple yet profound method of meditation to improve your life and your connection to the Divine.
  • Learn how to cope effectively with pain and stress instead of trying to escape from it.
  • Improve your self-image and relationships with others.
  • Learn to be free, to be you, and find the bliss that is waiting inside of you.

The second part of the book teaches the simple yet profound methods of meditation and discusses each of the 8 keys that open the door to the state of bliss. To order, click here.